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The Barska AX11556 Top-Opening Biometric Safe is yet another fine piece of engineering from the range of Barska Safes. This biometric safe is opened using state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology.

This model opens at the top and is therefore particularly suitable for concealing inside a desk or filing cabinet drawer thereby keeping it out of sight of intruders in the first instance.

This fingerprint safe can be easily mounted using the included mounting kit. There is a lot of room inside to store a firearm and an extra magazine and as the door lifts up you are presented with your handgun in an easy to grab fashion.

Barska AX11556 Biometric Safe Review

If you are searching instead for a front opening safe then you might like to take a look at another biometric safe the Barska AX11224 that also uses the latest fingerprint recognition technology and is another market leading product from the Barska Biometric Safe range.

Barska AX11556 Features

Top-opening Door

This is the key feature that separates this model from other similar Barska models, and gives it advantages for a number of reasons. Mainly the fact you can get at the safe directly from the top makes it easier for you to access your firearm if you have mounted it inside a drawer. You can just reach inside and grab your gun, even if you have it mounted right in the front of a drawer because the door opens vertically and not from the front like traditional safes.

Biometric Scanner – stores up to 30 different fingerprints

The scanner records an entire placed fingerprint instead of using a swipe method, the placed fingerprint method is usually more reliable, at least from my own experience. Capacity for 30 scans is quite a lot especially when compared to the Minivault and multivault bio safes from Gunvault which only have the capacity for 15.

Higher capacity is advised as you can store more angles of your fingerprint, making it more reliable to open first time. Another person’s fingerprints can be stored so you can share access with those that need it and with the 30 print capacity there is definitely enough room on the database for doing that.

Pre-drilled holes

Pre-drilled mounting holes allow safe to be easily mounted into the floor, a shelf, or counter top so long as you measure up and drill the correct holes. The screws are tightened from inside so another advantage to this model is it is easier to use a longer screw driver due to the top opening door. Once the door is shut no one will be able to remove the unit from your designated place adding extra security against theft.

Comes with the mounting hardware needed.

Two strong, solid steel locking bolts used in the locking mechanism helps protect against pry bar attacks. These bolts are much harder to bend out of position. Not all safes use a bolting shut mechanism so this is a clear advantage over similar models of safe.

Battery Powered

Operates on 4 AA batteries included so you have the option to use it in your vehicle and the batteries last up to 2 years depending on use.

Protective floor mat

The floor mat is there to protect any valuables or handguns from scratch and wear when stored inside.

Emergency back-up keys

Two emergency keys are included to give you access in the event of batteries dying or the scanner breaking. Make sure you do not shut the keys inside and hide them separately away from where you have the unit.

One-year limited warranty

One year warranty as standard so if you have any problems within that timeline there is support and service available to you subject to terms and conditions.

Barska AX11556 Specifications

  • Body Material – Steel
  • Finish – Black matte
  • Outer Dimensions – 14.75 by 11.25 by 5 inches (L x W x H) (add another 5/8 for the bezel)
  • Inner Dimensions – 14.5 by 11 by 2.5 inches (L x W x H)
  • Door Thickness – 3/16 of an Inch
  • Body Thickness – 1/16 of an Inch
  • Weight – 21lbs 3oz
  • Warranty – One Year Limited Warranty
  • Fingerprint Memory – Stores a maximum of 30 Fingerprints
  • Secondary Access – 2 Back-Up Keys Supplied
  • Dual Hydraulic Pressurized Hinge System
  • Locking System – Reinforced Motorized Deadbolt Lock
  • Fireproof – No


Its size means it can be concealed easily within existing household furniture, such as the back of wardrobes or inside desk drawers.
Large enough to store pretty much any handgun in and keep it safely locked away, you can store extra items such as important documents and cash inside as well.
Many customers said it was really easy to program and install using the manual
The fingerprint reader was reported to be really accurate in use and rarely failed to recognize the owners fingerprints.


  • Takes approximately 3 seconds to open when using the Fingerprint Reader
  • Not Fireproof
  • Not Waterproof

Whats In The Box

Included with the Barska AX11556 Biometric Safe is the following:

  • Set of emergency back-up keys
  • Protective inner floor mat
  • Mounting hardware

Price and Customer Reviews

The price is reasonable considering the size and functionality. Check on Amazon to see if there’s a discount running as there often are.


It is recommended that you use the Barska Top-Opening Fingerprint Safe concealed inside either a wardrobe or drawer to store your firearms or valuables. These safes have great utility in the office aswell as you can have multiple enrolled users and store important documents or cash within. It is a good size with space for handguns plus extra magazines and is well made using thick steel. So long as you can get it for a decent price then it is a great find.