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This page compares the personal gun safes made by Gunvault that i’ve currently reviewed. You’ll notice that there are a greater number of products listed here, that’s because GunVault make a larger number of small safes generally than most other manufacturers.

GunVault Comparison Table

Each one of the models listed in the table below links to a full review of the particular gun safe design.

Who are GunVault?

They are recognized as a specialist in small home safes and the number and variety of different products they produce for this niche is currently unparalleled in the industry. Every model they produce has a biometric version which is quite unique as well. They are an established company with more than 20 years experience in firearm storage solutions.

Common Features Seen in GunVault Gun Safes

All safes are made from solid steel depending on the purpose of their product this could be very thick. They use some of the thickest steel in the industry for their largest sized personal gun safes.

Most models are security cable compatible – Another very common feature that is very practical is the ability to use security cables to further secure your gun safes. Inside the reviews we have noted which ones are compatible and it is pretty much all of them. GunVault also sell their own high strength security cable which is recommended for purchase with any of their safes that can use it.

No Eyes Keypad

A unique feature to their products is the no eyes keypad, it mimics the shape of a hand to guide your fingers to the appropriate buttons for initiating unlocking so that even in the dark you can unlock the safe with ease.

How do GunVault Compare as a Manufacturer of Safes

They offer some biometric safes that do not have equivalents from other manufacturers, especially their largest sized models. The design for the smaller carry safes such as the NanoVault and MicroVault is superior to comparable models from stack-on however you will pay a premium for this.

The price range is generally cheaper than Barska for the same size safe but more expensive than Stack-On who are the two main competitors for these types of products.

The designs are not quite as elegant or eye catching as those from Barska in my opinion but they function just as well. The weight of the safes is generally heavier than their counterparts from other manufacturers, this is due to sturdier design in some cases and also size considerations.

What You Can Expect

A GunVault safe will do the job of keeping your firearms safe. The fingerprint readers used employ complex learning algorithms to increase the effectiveness of their fingerprint recognition.

If you are after a small/medium biometric handgun safe then take a look at GunVault as i’m sure that they have a model that will suit your requirements.