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The Lockstate LS-SC1000 safe case is designed to be small, unobtrusive and convenient for storage of valuables and firearms. It will fit inside most drawers so is perfect to be kept in the bedroom as well as inside a vehicle.

It functions with standard AA batteries with a long battery life of up to 2 years and comes with a security cable for extra safety, allowing you to secure it in your own home and when on the move.

LockState LS-SC1000 Fingerprint Biometric Safe Case Review

LS-SC1000 Features

Fingerprint Reader

The Lockstate fingerprint reader is reported to be very reliable, up to 95% first time scans across most reviews. It can store up to 30 different prints, although instead of storing 30 different user prints it would be much better to store a few fingerprints several different times.
Where I’ve seen people struggling, it is usually because of not following the instructions or not programming enough fingerprints in.

Quick Recognition

It takes less than 1 second to register your fingerprint and unlock, so you can be ready to access your stored items quickly. It means you’ll be able to get at your firearms quickly to defend yourself. For general use, it is very convenient for putting your valuables inside where you know they are secure. Used in the car, the fast opening means that there’s less time for people to see that you have it in your vehicle.

Key Override

There is a backup key included with the case and is very difficult to pick considering the design.

Security Cable Included

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For extra security a strong steel cable is included which you can use to attach to a bed frame or car seat to prevent theft. If using it on the go it can be tied round a radiator in a hotel room for more theft prevention.

Tamper Resistant

The only opening points are the biometric scanner or the key so it resists tampering as there is no code to put in. Pry attempts will be minimized due to the close fitting nature of the door, a crowbar would be hard pressed to get wedged in there to break it open.

Child Safety

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For storing handguns away from children it is perfect as they won’t be able to access it. If child safety is a concern of yours then this is a quick and reliable way to ensure your firearms are stored away. Education is also key when it comes to firearm safety but a safe helps for making sure they can’t have any accidents.


  • Exterior: 7.25 Wide, 10.75 Long, 1.95 High
  • Interior: 7.05 Wide, 8.75 Long, 1.5 High
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Steel Thickness: 2mm


Quick Acting

Customers responded well to the quality and quickness of the fingerprint scanner and the majority said it functioned properly every time and would trust it in an emergency.

Good for privacy

If needing to store private documents and valuables in the office then this works great, it fits inside drawers easily allowing you to keep your property secure.


Latch Design

The latch is strong but sometimes needs a bit of a pull to open up as the door is not spring loaded and doesn’t pop open. One way this case could have been improved was with a spring loaded door mechanism. The drawbacks of spring loading mechanisms are that they sometimes get stuck so at least you don’t get that problem with these cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size guns can fit inside?

If you wish to use it for handgun storage then you can expect to fit 2 full size pistols. One customer fits their Glock 26 9mm and Sig .380 handguns together.
Measure your handguns before purchase so you can be sure that they will fit inside. Be especially careful to measure thick-barrelled revolvers as the case has a low profile.

Can you mount it?

It doesn’t come with mounting hardware and there are no holes for hanging it on the wall, however you can always use an adhesive for securing it to the wall but due to the orientation your valuables would fall out. To secure it use the security cable.

How reliable is the scanner?

If following the directions in the manual, and if you see our guide and follow that too, then it should open every time. Many customers report that it is reliable and you just need to practice with it and ensure you have enough prints enrolled. If having problems then cleaning the scanner after uses can help.


It is slightly more expensive than the stack-on biometric cases but has a faster, more reliable scanner as well as a thicker steel construction.


In our Lockstate LS-SC1000 Safe Case Review we covered the main reasons that make it a good option for small valuable storage, such as the convenient and reliable scanner and its size, it is better than the competing models on the market but is more expensive.