How to Mount a Gun Safe?

If you are using a small gun safe to store your pistols and rifles then it is always good practice to mount it to a surface. When I refer to mounting this can also mean, securing to a surface, bolting or screwing the safe down.

This is because the models you would be using can easily be carried off during a burglary, the average man would be able to carry a 40 pound safe out of your house and into a car so if it isn’t secured down then it is at a much higher risk of being stolen.

It’s more common for thieves to steal the whole unit with the valuables inside so then they can work on cracking it at a later date when they have time and better tools available.

Most gun safes come with pre-drilled holes and it is essential that if you are using one as a permanent fixture in your home that it does have these. Usually manufacturers make these holes on the bottom of the units but some have side holes drilled too for attachment to walls.

The best thing to do when preparing to bolt down your unit is to put it in the position where you want it and then mark the holes up by using a permanent marker through the holes you plan to use. Marking it up that way means when you drill the holes they will line up perfectly when you go to put bolts or screws in. It also takes away the human error of measuring everything up by hand with a tape measure and pencil.

You can use either bolts or screws depending on what you are attaching the safe to or your personal preference. The mounting hardware that comes with these products tend to be very basic and sub-par so we always recommend getting your own screws and bolts from your local hardware store. You can always refer to the bolt down instructions that come with your safe too.

Best Places to Install a Gun Safe?

When choosing a place inside your home for your safe, or places, if you have more than one, you must consider the factors below.


Can you see the unit when you walk into the room and have a quick glance around? If you can’t then the safe will be well concealed. By hiding it you can reduce the chances it will be found by an intruder having a quick look around your house. Good places are inside desk drawers, nightstands, back of wardrobes or cupboards.

Ease of Access

Hiding a safe is all well and good but if you want to be able to get to it quickly and into it reliably (if it is biometric) then you need to have it in a position that aids you. If you have it hidden in the back of a cupboard in your kitchen when you really need it in your bedroom then concealing it there was a bad choice.

Multiple Guns

The type of firearms you want to store inside will have a big impact on where you ultimately decide to put it. If you have a separate safe for your rifles and your handguns then the smaller handgun safe will usually fit inside a small compact place such as a drawer. For a rifle safe you have space restrictions but these can usually fit inside a wardrobe or if you have a walk in closet or wardrobe then hiding it behind a row of coats would be a great solution.

Our recommended spot is inside a drawer in your bedroom as you can access it in an emergency and it is partially concealed. But if you have multiple safes then you can have one for storage during the night inside your room, one could be in a storeroom or hidden near the door to your house for easy access if worried about answering the door to an uninvited knock.

Ideal location for a Large Home Safe?

For larger home safes you have different considerations such as fire risk, solid securing surface and ease to remove. Best places for big home safes is inside a room with at least a step down access and that have concrete floors so it is completely secure against being removed. Having a step makes it difficult to remove one of these bigger models as rolling one is quite easy once tipped on its side, once a 1000 lb safe has been put onto rollers it will be quite easy for a team of thieves to push and roll out the house but actually levering it up a step can be beyond most home invaders.


So we went through a few things in this article about what you need to consider when choosing a location to mount your gun safe as well as the best practice for measuring up drilling holes so that you don’t have to re drill, I hope our tips and discussion aids you when figuring out how and where to secure your home gun safe.