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The Stack-On PC-900-B is marketed as a large portable security case fitted with a biometric fingerprint lock. The case has a footprint that’s slightly larger than an A4 sheet of paper inside so you should be able to use it to carry sensitive papers unfolded and also a handgun.

Stack-On PC-900-B Large Portable Case with Biometric Lock Review


Steel Construction

The case itself is manufactured from solid steel that is quite thick considering the intended purpose of being carried around. Thicker steel definitely equates to better security for your possessions as it takes longer to cut through and pry open. There is no space for easy pry open attempts due to the way it is made, all joints slot together very snug.

Spacious but slim

This is the larger of the two portable biometric cases so it has more space, but is still very thin to enable you to slip it into a bag or briefcase to be carried with you. Because of the extra room one can fit more magazines for a handgun or more items. There is plenty of room for paper documents if you are using it to securely transport files.

I would not recommend fitting in two handguns but you can definitely use it for that purpose. I think putting two handguns inside it would make the whole thing a bit heavy to carry about with you all day but when you are storing it in a car or at a hotel then you should be able to fit a second handgun if it is required.

1500lb security cable compatible

Biometric Swipe Scanner – 28 Possible Fingerprints

A swipe style scanner is used to gain access to the case as the primary method of unlocking. Simply pressing the button and swiping your finger will give you access. It is noted that a swiping biometric lock requires more practice than a full pad style but as that requires more hardware to operate and in a bid to keep the size of the case small it is sufficient.

Key tips are to program your prints while the unit itself is on a sturdy flat surface and when opening it always place onto a flat surface.


  • Exterior (WDH): 12-1/8” x 12-1/2” x 2-5/8”
  • Interior: 11” x 10.5” x 1.5”

You should be able to fit A4 sized paper inside which is handy for storing and transporting important documents. And most handguns that are thin enough will fit inside as the only hindering feature is the height of the interior. This model will fit neatly underneath seats in most vehicles.

  • Weight: 9lbs

The weight is 2 pounds heavier than the smaller case made by the same company, but you get roughly double the depth to play with.

What did customers like?

Cable Attachment

The ability to use a security cable was especially important to some, this was because they were more likely to leave the case in a vehicle.

Key Backup

Having a secondary method of opening was seen as a positive feature as on occasion when the biometrics played up, the customer still had easy access to their items.


As it is slightly larger than the other portable case from Stack-on people found it suited their needs better as they managed to fit extra magazines inside compared to the PC-650-B. It was still small enough to fit in a briefcase and be carried but more appropriate for use inside a vehicle where they could hide it.

Things customers did not like

Programming time

Unlike the other portable biometric case some customers have reported having difficulty programming their fingerprints into these cases. The operation is not any different to the other type and this may just be an unfortunate occurrence where the safe itself is faulty. Usually stack-on safes are noted for being remarkably easy to operate and program correctly.

Some scratching

One customer was unhappy that some of the foam lining was loose on his case and so when he moved the unit after storing some items, such as his handgun it would move around inside and get scratched on parts where the foam had moved.


Not the fastest biometric lock

Compared to other models that feature biometric locking mechanisms, the time taken to open is around 7-10 seconds which is on the slow side, but since the idea is not to be using this safe in an emergency where seconds could mean life or death this should not be a problem. The noises that it makes when opening put some people off. The noise is a slight whirring sound and a few quiet beeps.

Commonly asked questions

What size handguns will fit?

Due the amount of room you will be able to fit most standard handguns that don’t have modified sights or grips on them. The limiting feature is the height of the interior so as long as your handgun can lay flat and not be thicker than 1.5” at its widest point you should be able to store it inside. There is plenty of room for an extra magazine and any cleaning cloths and accessories you might have for it a swell.

Where should I use this safe?

The intended purpose for this product is portability and concealment. Portability because it is light and thin so can fit inside a bag or briefcase if you are travelling and need somewhere to store your valuables, you can secure it when away from it using a security cable which is included.

Concealment, it will fit in many odd places such as underneath seats, in the foot well, under drawers and cupboards if necessary so you can hide it in a vehicle to prevent theft so that it is not on show.


This safe is actually cheaper than the smaller version made by the same company due to it being more of a niche item. If you buy the safe from Amazon you will also get get a discount compared to the manufacturers price. The standard advice when looking for cases is to get larger than you think you need, and then you can be sure that everything you want to store inside will fit.


This safe will suit you if you are the type of person that needs to store wallets, watches, handguns and other valuables inside with the added bonus of storing A4 documents flat. It passes TSA firearms requirements, so you can use it in your luggage for flights.

It’s also still light and sleek enough to slip into a briefcase or bag or under seats in a vehicle to give you that added piece of mind when you are out and about. This PC-900B Portable Biometric Case is the largest of its type at the time of writing so if you need a portable biometric safe this big then this is the one for you.