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Stack-On Safes Compared

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Here on this page is a table that compares the Stack-on personal safes and carry-cases that have been reviewed comprehensively on this site as well as a bit about what to expect from these products and a little about the history of the Stack-On company.

There is a piece about how Stack-On ‘stacks’ up against the other major manufacturers of personal home gun safes.

Please sort the table by average price and rating depending on what is important to you. There is a brief description of each of the models as well.

All links go on to the actual reviews so you can get more information about each safe. We do not want you to make a purchase and buy something that you are not completely informed about. Our aim is to get you the facts you need to truly know what you are getting.

Stack-On Comparison Table

SafePictureSummaryAverage RatingAverage PricePrice Check
PS-5-B Biometric
Drawer Safe
Stack-On's answer to the Barska drawer safe. Very good sized and can fit comfortably inside nightstands and desk drawers.3.5$110Check Price
Small Portable
Carry Case PC-650B
Designed for security on the go, this biometric case can fit one handgun and is useful for travelling and in vehicles 3.6$105Check Price
Large Portable
Carry Case PC-900 B
For those that need extra space when travelling, this carry case offers extra room inside for you to store your valuables while travelling. Better to be used in vehicles where you can hide it under the seat.3.5$95Check Price

About Stack-On

The company was established in 1972 according to its website and is based in Wauconda, Illinois. It originally manufactured a wide range of products to satisfy demands from tradesman down to hobbyists. Nowadays it focuses on storage and security solutions for the home and garage to give you products that allow you to store tools, firearms and personal information easily, safely and securely.

It has one of the largest ranges of personal home safes, just behind GunVault in terms of the number, however not all the models have a biometric equivalent.

How does it compare as a manufacturer of safes

Based on reviews of customers Stack-On is clearly a solution for those that have tight budgets and want very cost effective solutions. There are some reports of slow customer service but overall the company does a good job in supporting its products. The biometric readers are not reported as reliable as those from GunVault or Barska so may need more time to program sufficiently to get good success rates but it is definitely possible to get great performance from these safes.

Expectations of a Stack-on safe

You should expect to not get a top of the range and state-of-the-art safe but what you will get is a reasonable solution to storing firearms. It may not be as reliable as products from other manufacturers but you can save a lot of money with their products.

The key locking mechanism is known to not be as good quality as that from Barska or Viking Security, at least in our experience. But it has definitely improved in terms of security from where the company first started.
If there is one thing you should expect from a Stack-On product it is that they are always improving as their technology gets more updated.

Unique features of Stack-On Products

The widest selection of biometric carry-cases is their biggest advantage over other manufacturers, no other manufacturer offers as many solutions to storing your personal items on the go, and they make great solutions for in car and vehicle storage due to their small but appropriate sizes.

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