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The Viking Security VS-25BM is one of their most popular safes. It is also one of its oldest. At the time, Viking used the highest quality biometric scanners and so the technology is still more than a match for newer models.

Unfortunately, the VS-25BM is no longer available but has been replaced by a similar model the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL, which is shown below.

Viking Security VS-25BM Review

They use their signature 4 barrel key that improves security against picking attempts.

If you need a mid-sized personal safe that can fit any size handguns or valuables and documents then this may be the right one for you. Read on as I explain its features and the frequently asked questions that I’ve encountered.


This is one of the earliest biometric models from Viking security and they specialize in using the highest quality optical fingerprint scanners. This has the capacity for up to 100 different fingerprints and is a full pad scanner.

It is unusual for a full pad scanner to have such a high capacity but it means you can enroll as many people as you need to which makes this a good solution for small businesses and also for families as parents can enroll plenty of prints to get high success rates.

High DPI scanner

DPI means Dots Per Inch and is a measure of the detail of the image stored and recorded when used. Higher DPI is higher quality so a high dpi scanner will have better detection. It is also an optical sensor and not a heat imprint which is a slightly different method of detection.

High security backup keys

To prevent against lock picking the VS-25BM uses a four prong barrel key which is highly resistant to attempts to pick it due to the complexity of the lock. This is the highest security for a back up key on the market. The keys are incredibly difficult to copy and the average locksmith will not be able to copy them.

Battery Powered

The safe is powered using 4 AA batteries. Battery life is around 1 year depending on use, there is a visual low power warning so you will know when to change the batteries.

4 pre drilled mounting holes

There are holes drilled into the floor of the unit to let you secure it to the floor in either a cupboard or the floor. We recommend securing safes to concrete wherever possible as this deters theft by just cutting it out of its mountings.

The most common method of theft is to steal the whole thing and then pry and open it up elsewhere. Anything you can do to prevent this will improve your security, so conceal your personal safes and attach them to immovable surfaces if possible.

510 ms recognition time

You can open this in an incredibly short time, it only takes 510 milliseconds to detect a correct fingerprint and unlock. This is much faster than the other biometric technologies in use on the market.


External(Inches): (HxWxD) 9 7/8″ x 13 3/4″ x 9 3/4″
Internal(Inches): 9 1/2″ x 13 1/4″ x 9 1/8″

Weight: 29 lbs

Customers liked..

Heavy construction

Customers found that the safe looked visually imposing and hard to open due to the position of the welds and how thick the door bolts are. It is designed to be prevent pry attacks and professional picking.


The biometrics performed incredibly reliably, even though the company does not recommend it for elderly users with very thin skin, most customers who have bought this, there are a few reviews from 70+ year olds who use these everyday and are happy. Programming was reported to be incredibly simple with a 2 button system for storing fingerprints, these are located on the inside of the door.

Price Discussion

For less than the price of Barska’s hugely popular model you get a safe that has better biometrics and more security protection against lock picking. There is a lot of space inside for gun and storing documents flat. The only reason it is this cheap is that it is being replaced by their new model so get it while it is reduced and on sale.

Improvement suggestions

Sound Levels

From the perspective of customers with multiple safes this one was deemed among the loudest when opening due to the beeping. If you wish to make it quieter you can pad the small speaker parts that beep with tape and that will quiet it down. The sound was compared to just slightly quieter than a microwave beep.

A few reviews say that if the wall thickness was slightly improved then it would receive a 5 stars but as it stands it has the same thickness as the GVB1000.

Bigger security cable holes

As the safe is not compatible with a security cable, some customers wanted to have larger holes in the floor to be able to thread a cable through. Unfortunately if you wish to do this you will have to drill your own holes.

Problems Encountered

Hard to open battery compartment

Replacing the battery was found to be quite difficult as the compartment is very stiff but as this is usually only an annual experience so it can develop stiffness if not moved regularly so that is not unexpected.

Frequently asked questions

Will A4 documents lay flat?

Documents can indeed be stored flat, A4 standard sized papers are fine to be stored without folding.


Reports from customers is that Viking have there is great customer service and that the VS-25BM has stayed popular throughout its time really speaks volumes for its dependability and well built construction.