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Barska as a company and manufacturer?

Barska are well known for quality products and were among the first to use fingerprint recognition technology. One characteristic that is common to their biometric products that I have noticed is that they all use the same full pad style of fingerprint scanner. This has the effect of increasing quality of the recognition and also reliability across the different models.

Compared to other manufacturers Barska is supposed to make the highest quality safes, one thing they definitely do is provide a great value for the quality of the products they create. They have many models that are equivalent to GunVault safes but tend to be slightly more expensive.

Common features of Barska Personal Biometric Safes

Full pad style fingerprint readers – the unlocking mechanisms all look incredibly similar and are instantly recognizable as their technology.
Slightly thinner doors – One thing that is known when comparing these to other manufacturers is that the door thickness does not tend to be that much thicker than the rest of the safe.

Not fireproof – As is standard for small personal safes there is no space for fireproofing material.

History of the company

Barska is one of the oldest US based outdoor sport optics companies with their main offices based in California. They manufacture a wide range of sports equipment with a focus on optics based products such as Riflescopes and binoculars.

They also manufacture a variety of gun safes to suit many purposes, from the large home safes to the small personal biometric safes. Their standard biometric model is one of the bestselling models due in part to the reputation and reliability of the brand.

What can you expect from a Barska Safe?

You can expect to pay more for the quality but by paying more you should be very happy with the product. These safes are renowned for the biometric technology and have less reported issues when compared to other models.