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The revolutionary Gunbox is a pistol safe made from aluminum and featuring a unique dual unlocking mechanism utilizing RFID bands and fingerprint biometrics. It has new features not commonly found on existing gun safes which are worth checking out. This is one of the most versatile gun storage devices we have ever seen, read on to find out more.

Gunbox Biometric RFID Handgun Safe


Dual unlocking mechanism

The biometric Gunbox has two main methods of unlocking, a Radio Frequency ID and a biometric scanner. The RFID works by detecting a signal from an emitter such as the wristband that comes with the product and will unlock when you swipe it near the detector.

There are different accessories that this method will work with but these are only available from the manufacturers website and they include a ring and a label. With the label you can stick onto any flat item or card and by waving the label near the detector will unlock the safe.

The biometric scanner on this safe is full pad, meaning you have to place the full pad of your finger onto the scanner instead of the swipe ones which are common for the smaller gun safes such as this one. A full pad scanner tends to be higher quality and more reliable, this one has a 100 fingerprint capacity.

One of the best features is that you can program it to use either the RFID or Biometric scanner, or if really security conscious you can set it up to require both a successful fingerprint and RFID before unlocking.

This is not a common feature when there are two unlocking options available as you usually cannot have two unlocking options acting together such as happens with this product.

Primary AC Power

This product can run off an AC power supply and there is an adaptor port for it. For a safe this small, having the option of AC power is unique and you can use it as a permanent feature in an office to charge other electronic items off. It has 2 USB ports designed to allow ipods, phone chargers etc. To be plugged in and charge off of it.

Backup Battery Power

As the gun box is designed to be portable as well it has a backup battery for power when not plugged in. This is a single Lithium Ion Battery and has a very long battery life.

Aluminum Alloy Construction

Made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy it is one of the lightest gun safes ever made. Because of the overall lightweight construction it can easily be carried around and solves part of the problem of size when being marketed as a portable handgun storage device. The lighter material means it is made larger than a standard portable gun safe but is still as strong.

Mounting Holes Pre Drilled

To make this safe versatile it has been designed with both pre drilled mounting holes as well as ports for security cables. This means you get to choose how to use it, if you need a place to store your pistols or handguns in your home permanently then you can screw it down to a surface such as a desktop or inside a drawer.

But if you need a safe for the car or on your travels then you can take it with you and secure it with a cable instead. This is also one of the recommended safes for those going away to college due to it being light and easy to take with you but can hold plenty of valuables.

Security cable compatible

As mentioned before there is a port for a Kensington lock and security cable, these do not come with the box and will need to be purchased separately. If you buy a cable make sure it is high strength steel.

Approved for Airline Flight

This is FAA approved and you can use it to transport firearms in your checked luggage, so if travelling you can take your firearm with you.


  • Exterior Dimensions (HWD): 10” x 11.6” x 2.7”
  • Interior Dimensions: 6.5” x 8.9” x 1.5”
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Batteries: 1x Lithium Ion


USB ports for recharging other devices – To make this safe more of an office and home product the added option of charging other devices off it is a great idea. If all you use it for is to store your handguns then it is great to have in your room as you can charge your phone or ipod off it at the same time.

Kensington Lock Port – Unlike other safes that are security cable compatible this one has a Kensington lock which is similar to the high security laptop cable

Extremely versatile – Being so light and having both pre drilled mounting holes and the security cable compatibility makes this one of the most versatile safes we have seen.


Slow door opening mechanism – The door is not spring loaded and is opens more like a gas powered door. This will be noticeably slower than the springing doors so if you are used to those then you may find this different. The door opening is very reliable and smooth though.