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If you are looking for something to store your valuables in when you are on the move the Stack-On PC-650-B may satisfy your needs. It’s a small personal locking case that can fit inside a briefcase, handbag or a backpack to carry small handguns, valuables, petty cash and documents inside.

If you are traveling a lot or staying in a hotel and flying between business meetings this locking case can come in handy as it meets TSA Airline regulations for concealed weapons permit holders.

Stack-On PC-650-B Portable Locking Case Review

If you do not get offered a safe or lockbox in a hotel then this can give you an always ready alternative if you wish to leave a wallet, passport or other items behind in your room. It can also be secured using a 1500lb strength security cable to make it safer when you are out of the room.

Due to its small size it is a good small safe to pick up if you wish to hide small family heirlooms in a lockbox and then stash it really well inside your house. The fact it is biometric means you know it will only open to your fingerprint alone once you have programmed it and you will have a backup key just in case the biometrics stop working for any reason.


Slim Line Design

The case itself is very sleek and clips shut, it is made of steel and it will fit nice into the corner of a briefcase. Its design makes it hard to get a screw driver in to pry open and it looks quite nice.

Swipe Style Biometric Lock -28 possible scans

This case features a swipe style biometric scanner, meaning you record your finger moving and it detects the image based on speed, detail and time taken. Normally you would have a larger database to store more scans but obviously this would have need more space and so to minimize size there is a limited number of scans you can use.

There is still enough space for you to record multiple angles, speeds and pressures of your fingerprint swipe and it is recommended you do so. The more images the case has to reference against the more likely you will get good first time acceptance rates.

1500lb Security Cable Compatible

A very important feature for any portable piece of security is the compatibility with a security cable. Security cables give you peace of mind when leaving it anywhere that it is safely secured to an immovable object and this also deters theft.

Foam Padded Interior

As it is primarily designed for valuables the interior is padded to protect against scratches. The foam is not very thick so does not reduce the interior storage very much.

Easy to program biometrics

Following the instruction manual the biometrics are very simple to program in, requires two buttons at most to get a swipe of your finger inputted.

Battery Powered

Obviously as a portable biometric slim line safe it is powered batteries, it uses 4 AAA batteries which are included when the case arrives. We recommend using Duracell batteries as they are a tried and trusted brand once the batteries that come with the case die.

Backup Keys

You are provided with backup keys that can also be used to primarily open the case.


  • Exterior (WLD): 11” x 8.25”x 2.25”
  • Interior: 10”x 5.75”x 1.5”
  • Weight: 7lbs

The case itself is quite small as you would expect but can pack in small handguns and your personal items that you carry around with you. There is an Extra Large version if you require more personal carry space.

Be prepared to add the weight of the safe and anything you are storing inside to the briefcase or bag you are carrying it in. We would recommend putting it in a backpack that you can sling over two shoulders.

What other customers liked?

Just Big Enough Size when Travelling

It was a perfect size for the purpose it is designed for. Many customers find it fits their needs when travelling and gives them piece of mind when leaving items behind in hotels or in their cars. For using in a vehicle this case is small enough to slide under seats or hide in the glove compartment.

Straightforward Programming

Many found that the manual was really simple to follow and didn’t need a lot of work to get the fingerprints they wanted swiped done. The process was very quick and easy which is great especially if it’s the first biometric locking safe you buy.

Feels heavy duty

People were surprised by the feel of the case once they got their hands on it. They felt it was more secure than they were expecting.

Things People Didn’t Like

Battery dying quickly

The initial batteries that come with the safe do not last particularly long, maybe a month or so and customers were complaining about this. You should expect to be putting in good quality long lasting batteries such as those from Duracell. It is after all your valuables being stored so you should be making the case work for you and not against you.

Have to Push It Shut to Close

One of the unexpected things is that you have to push the lid shut, once you shut the lid it may not automatically lock and you will need to push it to clip in properly. Some customers said they did not notice this and once put the case away in a bag had items fall out as it was not properly shut. Remember to lock up your goods before moving the case. Always open and close on a flat surface to make sure you are scanning your fingerprint correctly and level and that you can push the lid down to click shut.

No Way to Disable it Beeping

A common thing that customers want is discretion and the fact this portable case lacks a muted mode was a drawback for them. However as you are likely to be using it in a hotel room and not in an emergency the beeping should not be a problem, it shuts off once the safe is opened as well. If you are looking for a home handgun safe then please have a look at the others reviewed on this site.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opening mechanism?

The opening mechanism is spring loaded so it does pop open a bit before you then have to manual open the safe. The locking mechanism is a steel catch.

What size guns will fit?

You can fit standard handguns the 1911, 9mm and some .45s as well as an extra magazine. See the video to gauge the scale and compare your handgun to the one shown.

What is the battery life?

Battery life is very dependent on amount of times you use the case. We recommend checking the safe works before you take it anywhere and of course depends on the type of batteries you put in. the included batteries will not last very long so be ready to change them out. Personally I would always replace the batteries in a new safe with ones I know from a trusted brand.


For a personal carry safe such as this one you want to be looking for nothing really above $150 as it’s only designed to used on the move. It’s a really good little safe for that one purpose but it does not compare to those handgun and home safes designed for home security. So don’t spend loads of money on it.

If you are protecting valuables worth more than the case then maybe you should look for a more secure solution. Paying extra for additional security is always good when moving items around and also for keeping your important items safe when you are not around.


The PS-650-B is a neat personal carry case which offers users the opportunity to secure their belongings using only their fingerprint. It can be secured using a strong security cable that is included with the unit.

Fits nicely into a handbag, briefcase or backpack for portable on the move security for your items and valuables. Most customers found it was really handy to have around but some did not like the sounds it made when opening even though they only last a few seconds.

It was found particularly easy to program even for the inexperienced, which is good when all you want to do is pick it up and go quickly.