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GunVault MultiVault GVB2000 Review

In this GunVault GVB2000 Review I will be discussing and explaining all the features and problems that this safe has. If you want to have all the information at your fingertips about this biometric gunsafe then this review has it all.

This MultiVault safe is pretty good for its size and is of a solid construction.

If you think normal small footprint gunsafes are too small for what you want to store inside and you want a proper dual utility safe then this may just be the one for you.


GVB2000 Features

No Eyes Keypad

The design of the keypad and arrangement of the buttons is typical of a GunVault safe and features on all their products. It is a neat feature which does help find the buttons if trying to use the unit in the dark, the buttons are arranged in a similar pattern to your hand and the fingerprint scanner is halfway up the first “finger” making it easy to find.

Biometric Scanner – Stores 15 prints

The main reason you would want to buy the GV2000 Bio is because it uses biometrics as the unlocking mechanism. The only method of opening is by scanning your unique fingerprint which ensures a high level of security without the need to remember a combination or complex code. Using biometrics is theoretically faster than a keypad or combination safe as you only have to wait for the scanner to recognize you, potentially meaning you have quicker access to your firearm in an emergency.

Biometric Algorithm

The biometric scanner uses an algorithm that detects small changes to your fingerprints over time, or adds additional features that may not be recorded in the first input of your fingerprint. It essentially means that over time the safe will give you a better success rate.

Pry Resistant

Pry resistance is mainly determined by door gap, the gap between the door and the frame, as this affects the size of pry bar that can be wedged in there to force it open. With the Biosafe the way it is made leaves too small a gap to get a tool into and so makes the door pry resistant.

Battery Powered

The GVB2000 runs on a single 9V battery that can be designated wither the primary or secondary power source. The battery can last 9 months to a year depending on usage. Using a battery makes the unit portable which means you can take it with you when holidaying or in the car.

External AC or DC Power Supply

On the rear of the unit there is an adapter port for an AC or DC power supply. You can choose whether to use this as the primary or secondary power source, so you can save the battery for longer or just use the mains supply as a backup. You must have a battery installed for it to work and cannot just use mains power.

Pre-drilled mounting holes

On the bottom of the safe are 4 pre-drilled screw holes and 2 key slot holes which can be used to secure your unit to a flat surface. Having the two different mounting options, one permanent and one temporary means you have choice in how you want to mount it. Using only the 2 key sot holes means you can secure the safe when at home by sliding it onto the protruding screws but the take it with you when you leave the house.

Interior Lighting

An interior light turns on when it is unlocked giving you a clear view of the interior even in the dark, it uses LEDs so the light is not too strong and is more of a glow.

Safe Lining

A soft foam lining covers the interior which will protect any valuables or handguns from scratches or wear when stored inside.

Security Cable Compatible

Knock out slots on the back panel give you a place to thread a security cable through and adds another level of security. It is recommended to get a security cable at time of purchase as it is a cheap way to prevent theft.

16 Gauge Steel

The vault is made of some of the thickest steel I have seen for handguns safes. It makes it more resistant to cutting attacks and to blunt force attacks aswell as the steel is stronger when thicker. It reduces the flex in the door and increases pry resistance again.

Lock Mechanism

The door release is a spring loaded mechanism, once you get a successful scan then the door pops open very fast. A small minority of customers reported the door jamming on occasion and we have a solution to stop this happening, please see our problems and frequently asked questions sections for our fixes.

Removable Shelf

The MultiVault is the largest handgun safe GunVault offer and has an extra shelf inside which you can remove if you so wish. There is enough room to store a handgun on the shelf to fit more in. Having the extra room increases the utility of the unit and means you can store more items inside.


Exterior (HWD)

8.25”x 10.25”x 14”


6”x 9”x 12.75”

The MultiVault is the largest pistol safe from GunVault and so has plenty of room to store pretty much any type of handgun, even those equipped with extra sights and grip attachments. There is space for 9mm, .45 and long barreled revolvers, with extra ammo and magazines. You will also have space for storing valuables and money inside too if you desire.


16.2 pounds

Slightly more than is comfortable to keep moving around, recommended to use as a permanent home safe with the option of taking it with you when really necessary.

Intended Use

The GV2000 Biovault is supposed to be used as a permanent fixture in your home, possibly inside a cupboard or wardrobe in your bedroom to provide you a place to store your handgun safely near you where you can reach it in an emergency. But it is also intended to be a place for you to keep your valuables as it has enough room to fit lots of small valuable items and if you are planning to use it for just storing valuables then keep it in an even better concealed position such as in the attic or loft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Can you use it in a vehicle?

It is battery powered and therefore portable, if you have room in your car or want to store it in the boot then yes you can definitely use it in your car. It is recommended if you can to secure it to a part of your car using a security cable as this will deter theft.

What are the options available to mount the safe?

You have two options to mount the safe, using the key slot holes or using the permanent screw holes. When using the key slot holes you just slide it onto the protruding screw heads to secure it, this allows you to move the unit when you need to, but does stop people just walking off with it. Using the screw holes is a more permanent method and the screws are done up from inside the safe so you will need a small screwdriver. Make sure you measure out the correct placement for screws before drilling any holes as this will save you time.

The screws included are wood screws and if you need anything else you will have to purchase those from any hardware store or online.

How much can you store inside?

This safe has plenty of space inside and you can store pretty much any type of handgun and if you have multiple handguns you can possibly fit two of them inside it. Small valuables will fit very easily.

Inconsistencies with customer experience

A really important thing I am going to bring attention to is the large inconsistencies that appear to come along with this product. Some customers have reported huge problems with their model but others have reported that it functions perfectly well and reliably. The other safes by GunVault do not have as much inconsistency as this one seems to even thought the majority rate the safe 4 stars and above.

Due to the inconsistencies reported throughout the customer base it is recommended you purchase it from somewhere it is easy to get your money back if you get a defective model such as Amazon.

A few customers have reported the service offered by GunVault in regards to this model is inadequate and we have included our own solutions that we have found to solve the problems that have arisen for some customers.

Problems with the safe

As with any product there are some reports of malfunctions and problems. Sometimes it is hard to find a solution when the problem is not quite clear. However we offer our solutions to some common problems that customers have been experiencing.

Door opening mechanism

One of the most prevalent problems people have with this product is that the door jams on occasion after reading a successful fingerprint. This is normally due to the pressure the spring is under on the door mechanism, the spring can be wound too tightly and so when you close the safe it sometimes gets stuck so the next time you try to unlock it, it jams.

Here is a fix for this problem.

Tools Required:

  • 3/8 socket
  • Socket driver
  •  2.5mm allen wrench (or something long and around the same diameter)
  • Hammer
  • Pliers


  1. Using key or after a successful non jamming access attempt, open safe.
  2. Lift the foam lining away from the bottom of the safe to expose the four 3/8 nuts holding the hinge to the safe frame.
  3. Remove the 3/8 nuts that are holding the door and remove it from the frame
  4. Where you can see the hinge pin, drive the pin out just enough to remove a single spring. Make sure to hold the spring with pliers when performing this step to prevent the spring from firing out.
  5. Removing just one spring should be enough to reduce the tension on the door.
  6. Hammer the hinge pin back in after you have removed a spring.
  7. Reinstall the door

Your problem should be fixed. If it continues contact the place you purchased the safe from and get a replacement. This is not a problem that all the models have so the chance to have a similar problem occur after getting a replacement is extremely low.

Safe opens to any fingerprint

This problem just means that your safe needs to have a fingerprint registered. Before you have properly programmed your first fingerprint in the safe will open to any fingerprint. Please refer to the manual for instructions on how to enroll your fingerprint.

What people liked about it?

Reliable fingerprint scanner

The scanner is very reliable and over time will become more reliable. Customers have reported that they get very good success rates. A tip is to just hold your finger there if you get a rejection and let it continue to register your fingerprint to reduce time it takes to make attempts.
Overall a fast recognition and high acceptance rate is reported for this model.


People liked the size of the safe with the majority having no problems fitting whatever they needed inside.

Price – Is it worth the money?

The RRP is $374.99 and for a handgun safe of this size and with this much utility it is actually quite a good price. However if you’re looking for a large discount on this, then you should check out Amazon, the cheaper you can get any product the better.



For the largest GunVault handgun safe this model does have a lot of good features, it has solid construction, a reliable biometric scanner and plenty of room for storing pistols and valuables. It has the option of being portable or being a permanent feature in your home, however there are inconsistencies in the customer reviews but these are mostly due to older batches. If you are having a problem just refer to our frequently asked questions and problems sections for fixes. If you buy a GVB2000 from Amazon they have great customer service for you to return it.

For the price it is reasonable and worth considering if you want a slightly larger than average biometric handgun safe. I hope you have found this review helpful, please browse the site for more helpful reviews in the sidebar at the top of the page.

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